Vegan Insiders

A really good substitute is never a second choice

First Generation: trusted vegetarian quality

Choose from our trusted First-Generation products: vegetarian and vegan meal components that have already proven their quality in the market, such as minced meat and ham. Or ask us about the options to adapt it to your wishes and those of your customers. We are happy to give you advice.

Next Generation: the new vegetarian standard

Meet our revolutionary Next-Generation products: vegetarian and vegan meal components that stand out thanks to a unique and carefully developed production process. With advanced technology, carefully selected ingredients and endless patience (only brought to market when everything is right), we create products that go a significant step further than the traditional first-generation meat substitutes. They equal the complex characteristics of their animal counterparts even better: flavour, texture, appearance - check!

vega insiders

More nutritious and sustainable

Perhaps even more important for today’s critical consumers: our Next-Generation products set a new standard in terms of nutritional value, ethics and environmental awareness. The perfect alternative to animal products: not only extremely tasty but also healthier and more sustainable.

vega insiders

Come test in our Experience Center

The only way to appreciate our products is to test them yourself. You can prepare and taste them in our Experience Center, which we will open soon. Or take it one step further: develop your own product together with us. Through this co-creation, during which we advise and inspire you, you can precisely tailor your vegetarian and vegan products to your target group.

vega insiders